WannaCry is hitting automation systems – what you can do

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WannaCry is hitting automation systems – what you can do

400-04406941aWe at Chirico Scientific believe strongly that the safety and security of modern business starts with constant vigilance of information technology systems. The recent ransomware attacks on critical computer systems globally should be a wake-up call to businesses that they are not immune to this type of cyber warfare. It is highly unlikely that this will be that last we hear of attempts to disrupt and endanger businesses.  Until businesses prioritize their technology systems as highly as their stock price, hackers will continue to exploit these weaknesses.

As the Washington Post explains “Security experts say the attack could have been prevented if many businesses had simply kept their machines up to date with the latest software. In reality, doing that may be more difficult than it sounds, either because of corporate cultures that don’t prioritize security or because of a lack of funding to upgrade to the latest and greatest.”

Claroty is the latest and most robust offering to Chirico Scientific’s ICS Cyber Security portfolio: https://www.claroty.com. Visit their blog to read about the vulnerability of industrial systems and what to do if your system has been affected.

Chirico Scientific understands the unique challenges and requirements of the automation and hazardous areas industry; that’s why we encourage all of our clients to secure their technology infrastructure with as much care as they do their physical infrastructure. Contact us now to help make sure the next big attack does not hit your systems.





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Joe is the general manager of Chirico Scientific, LLC. He has dedicated his 20-year career to keeping facilities protected. He has worked with such notable manufacturers as MTL and Pepperl+Fuchs in the field of process automation and is an expert in applications and product implementation for hazardous areas. Contact Joe with questions by leaving a comment below, or via email at jzullo@chiricoscientific.com.

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