Case Study: Oil and Gas Industrial Cybersecurity Solution (exida)

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Case Study: Oil and Gas Industrial Cybersecurity Solution (exida)

Outdated Software, Untrained Staff, and Unimplemented Procedures Put an Oil & Gas Company At Risk

The following case study is provided with permission from exida. Chirico Scientific is a certified training representative for exida.

It’s one thing to have a plan; it’s quite another to use it. As the experts at exida discovered during a Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment (CVA) at an Oil & Gas company, a plan was well laid out and seemed to give the company excellent protection for their electronic systems. The execution of the plan, however, left a lot to be desired.

If it surprises you that a large and seemingly sophisticated industry like the Oil & Gas sector has outdated systems, think again. It’s very common to find old versions of software with outdated virus protection floating around on different machines throughout a facility. Training is also something that often gets missed, particularly with employee turnover or budget cutting. Without the necessary system and human “upgrades”, your facility is at risk for a costly and potentially dangerous cybersecurity attack.

Download the PDF of the exida case study here.


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