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The following are the quality product manufacturers that Chirico Scientific works with to provide you with the right tools for your application.


MTL Surge Technologies

MTL Surge

Chirico Scientific is a master distributor for MTL Surge Technologies, formerly known as Atlantic Scientific.

MTL Instruments a division of Cooper Crouse-Hinds

MTL Instruments

MTL Instruments is a division of Cooper Crouse-Hinds and Eaton, a leader in reliability, efficiency and safety with the development and supply of Crouse-Hinds series MTL system infrastructure products and protection equipment especially suited for process industries.


Chirico Scientific is an authorized representative for Claroty, a complete OT security platform. Claroty enables cybersecurity professionals and control room engineers to collaborate in securing and monitoring the most complex OT networks with a single holistic platform.

Exida Training

exida Training

Chirico Scientific is an authorized representative for exida training programs. Whether you are an automated supplier, integrator, end-user, or an automotive OEM, we can guide you through the complex issues of functional safety, cybersecurity, and alarm management.

Rexalloy Spark Resistant Pistons for Safe Gas Pipe Cleaning


Chirico Scientific carries the products our customers need. As a distributor for REXALLOY®™ spark resistant pistons for safe gas pipe cleaning we aim to service our Oil and Gas industry customers with the tools of their trade.

McDaniel Controls Inc.

McDaniel Controls Inc.

At Chirico, we not only service pressure gauges, but we are also a stocking distributor for the first in class pressure gauges by McDaniel Controls.