Article: ISA Cleveland Section Past, Present, and Future


Check out an article from Joseph A. Kaulfersch, Cleveland Section President 2007 entitled "Cleveland Section I.S.A. History" The article is a great look back at the archives of the ISA in Cleveland and discusses why it's important that we promote the ISA to young engineers of the future. The International Society of Automation is the [...]

Article: Lightning Protection and the Building Envelope


Article from "The Construction Specifier" giving excellent overview of surge protection during a lightning strike. Click image to view article. Turns out we're not the only ones with lightning on our minds! We've had a short series of postings lately on the importance of using SPDs (Surge Protection Devices) to protect facilities and [...]

Article: Intrinsic Safety Often the Best Option


Check out this convincing article on the benefits of using the Intrinsic Safety method of protection in hazardous areas. Chirico Scientific's own Joe Zullo was a contributor to this article. Read the article in CONTROL magazine: Intrinsic Safety Often the Best Option   Not One Incident of an Explosion Has Been Verified When a Standardized [...]