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Experts in Pressure Gauges

As a solutions provider to the Gas Pipeline industry, Chirico Scientific offers many solutions, such as pressure gauges, that increase the safety, reliability, and availability of the of the entire pipeline process.

McDaniel Controls Inc.One of the areas at which Chirico excels within the gas pipeline infrastructure is with first in class pressure gauges by McDaniel Controls. These gauges are not only rugged and time tested in harsh conditions, but they are capable of operating in potentially ignitable environments such as natural gas. Chirico, currently has hundreds of these gauges in service in the gas industry in the following applications:


  • Setting district regulation station, main to main
  • Setting meter sets to insure accurate pressures for custody transfer and accurate billing
  • High pressure mains and service testing
  • Manifold testing
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Chirico Gauge Testing Services

McDaniel Controls serviced by Chirico Scientific

Chirico proudly sells and services gauges from McDaniel Controls

In addition to being a stocking distributor of McDaniel Controls, Chirico offers a gauge testing service to keep any of your existing gauges in top working order.