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Not sure if your facility is safe?

Chirico Scientific is an authorized representative for exida training in Ohio and the Midwestern United States (www.exida.com).

Know that you have done the best you can to protect your location, your information and your business with exida training.

exida offers superior training in:

  • Cyber Security for Industrial Applications
  • Functional Safety Management
  • Alarm Management
  • Certification

Chirico Scientific Offers exida Courses in Cyber Security

Cyber Security Training

Chirico Scientific offers the exida standard and customized training courses in ICS / SCADA Cybersecurity.

The standard courses include:

7 Steps to ICS Cybersecurity

This course provides an introduction to industrial control system (ICS) cyber security and a practical 7 step process for managers and engineers involved in operating, maintaining, and integrating ICS/SCADA systems.

Security Development Lifecycle (for developers of ICS products)

The objective of this course is to train R&D teams, through a combination of lecture and workshop, on how to properly and effectively integrate software security assurance practices and techniques into their existing software development lifecycle.

Exida Cyber Security Training & Consulting Services

Exida Cyber security training provides a detailed look is per ISA/IEC6244431 and ISA S99.2.1 and all exida cyber consulting services are in strict accordance to the same.

I have known and worked with Joe for many years. Knowing his breadth and depth of knowledge in areas such as Safety Systems, Intrinsic Safety, and Cyber Security, I was very excited when he accepted my proposal to work with exida on promoting our services portfolio. I have no doubt this will be a successful collaboration.
Eric Persson, exida
We’ll come to you: Contact Chirico for a custom quote on Cyber Security Training at your facility

About exida

Oil and Gas Refinery

exida provides expert end user and OEM system consulting, product testing and certification, assessment, cybersecurity, and alarm management services to clients ranging from Fortune 500 to small start-up companies.

Chirico, like exida, recognizes the growing need for companies operating in the safety domain to become more knowledgeable about the requirements for safety related applications. It’s not enough to create a plan for safety; it must also be implemented and understood by its users. Proper training is essential for this to happen.

In the quest for a safer world, exida is built upon sound engineering principles

Download Free exida Expert Tools

Cyber Security Life Cycle Reference Guide

This poster is a handy reminder for what needs to be done to ensure your facility is secure.

NIST Cyber Security Gap Analysis

How safe is  your facility’s Industrial Control System (ICS) from cyber security attacks? Do you know? Does anyone at your organization know? The Gap Assessment is critical in determining your where company’s ICS security stands, and where it needs to be. Setting up an affordable exida gap assessment through Chirico can help decrease the risk of cyber attacks.

exida Oil & Gas Cyber Security Assessment Case Study

See how one Oil & Gas company learned that what they thought was a secure system was actually at risk for attack.