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When Lighting Strikes Close to Home – Surge Protection Can Help


Recently, in Cleveland, Ohio a family awoke to a loud bang that sounded like an explosion. It turned out that a bolt of lightning had likely struck the tree in their front yard, which then tore up their driveway, ruined their car, and blew out the electrical system in their home. Had the homeowners used [...]

Article: Lightning Protection and the Building Envelope


Article from "The Construction Specifier" giving excellent overview of surge protection during a lightning strike. Click image to view article. Turns out we're not the only ones with lightning on our minds! We've had a short series of postings lately on the importance of using SPDs (Surge Protection Devices) to protect facilities and [...]

Keeping Critical Communications Active During Power Outages


After a lightning strike, communication becomes critical for law enforcement, 911, and emergency medical services, among others. At the heart of those communications are local communication towers. However, what if the communication tower itself has been hit? What makes communications towers so susceptible to power outages? The nature of communications towers puts them at high [...]

Lightning strikes Florida cell tower: nice for news, bad for business


A summer storm hit a cell tower in Seminole County, Florida on July 7th. A local resident caught the action on his phone which had the local news station reporting the awesome sight. Unfortunately, while the news station was lauding the amateur photographer's great shot, chances are the owners of the cell tower were scrambling to assess [...]

Chirico Scientific LLC Becomes a Distributor for MTL Surge Technologies


We are very excited to announce that Chirico Scientific has been selected to be a master distributor by MTL, Inc. for their Commercial Surge product offering. Now, in addition to in-depth training and application support, Chirico Scientific is your 'go to' expert for first-in-class surge protection products. With years of experience in MTL's surge protection [...]