Article: Lightning Protection and the Building Envelope

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Article: Lightning Protection and the Building Envelope

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Article from “The Construction Specifier” giving excellent overview of surge protection during a lightning strike. Click image to view article.

Turns out we’re not the only ones with lightning on our minds! We’ve had a short series of postings lately on the importance of using SPDs (Surge Protection Devices) to protect facilities and communications towers from lightning strikes. Now, we see the August 2015 issue of  The Construction Specifier magazine is also featuring an article on this important issue.

The authors answer the question as to why lightning protection is becoming such a big issue all of a sudden, with an overview of the different aspects of a protected facility, including why SPDs are integral to protecting the advanced internal electrical systems and equipment present in any modern building structure.

The article leaves out much of the nitty gritty of surge protection for individual pieces of electrical and electronic equipment, but that’s why we’re here! As an expert in consultation and training for hazardous area solutions, we can help you with the details and determine the right products to protect your facility.

Read the full article online: “Lightning Protection and the Building Envelope


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